Just Another Parenting Triumph

Being a COOL Mum *cough* means that I like to get down with the kids and listen to the youth music once in a while. In other words, Flea and I take turns listening to our music in the car. This week, Flea’s been listening to a lot of Troye… View Post

A Last Minute Break in Scotland

For the last week of the school holidays, I was home alone. Rather than staring at the walls, I took the chance to join the rest of the Whittle clan for a few days on their annual trip to Scotland. Way back in 1976, my grandparents spotted six wooden cabins… View Post

Why John Lewis is My Retail Hero

Did you see the news that John Lewis is removing the gender-specific labels from its kids’ clothing ranges? Hurrah. About time.  Back in 2010, Flea was five years old. Like lots of five year olds, she loved monkeys, monsters and dinosaurs. Her favourite colours were red, blue and green. And… View Post

7 Things that will Definitely Happen in Year 7

So your precious baby is about to start Year 7, and secondary school? Get ready. I say get ready because you have NO idea how much things are going to change over the next 12 months. Your little kid is going to transform into a borderline teenager right in front… View Post

Best New TV Shows to Binge On

What are the best new and returning TV shows to stream and watch this autumn? Let’s face it – September in the UK is depressing. Summer’s over, say goodbye to your long days of freedom and hello to the school run and soggy dog walks. To my mind, this is… View Post