10 Albums to Share with your Kids

As parents, we have some key responsibilities to our children. Teaching them how to cross the road safely, and dressing themselves, for example. Getting them to school, keeping them healthy. And ensuring they don’t think good music begins and ends with Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendes. In the case of a… View Post

How to Change your YouTube Channel Art

It’s a fact of life that changing your YouTube channel art is more complicated than you’d think. That’s because YouTube asks you to upload a single, large image that will be cropped in different ways depending on how someone is looking at your channel – on TV, computer, tablet or… View Post

Helping Girls Prepare for Periods

My last year of primary school was a milestone in more ways than one. Looking back, I still remember the horror that was Living & Growing. This hour-long telly torture was followed by an educational talk from our incredibly elderly teacher (I say that, she was probably 30). This was how I learned… View Post

Why are we embarrassed about cleaners?

Want to know what my top, absolutely number one household hack is? Don’t do housework. Hire a cleaner. Seriously. At the risk of being thought extravagant, lazy, spoiled or just ridiculously rich, I have a cleaner. Several, in fact. Once a month, a team of cleaners lands on my doorstep, and… View Post

Halloween Treats: Popping Chocolate Truffle Monsters

This weekend, Flea and I cooked up some Halloween treats, including these fab little chocolate truffle Halloween monsters. If I say so myself, they’re ridiculously yummy, and dead simple to make, with just a handful of ingredients. Perfect to make with kids this Halloween. Halloween Chocolate Truffle Monsters 350g cooking chocolate (milk) 1/2 cup… View Post