When did children’s food get so… posh?

Here’s a real conversation about food that happened in our house this week: Me: Did you get a snack at school today? Flea: Yeah, I had a bacon roll. Me: OK. But if you’ve had breakfast, try and get something else, ok? Not always bacon. Flea: Oh, I don’t always… View Post

The One Where I’m not Unpatriotic

I’m a Brexit “loser”. It’s true. Like many others, I voted to remain in the EU. That’s because I strongly believed – and continue to believe – that leaving the EU would be A Bad Thing. I worried a “leave” vote would lead to a rise in racism and tension.… View Post

7 Things I Know About… Writing

  Recently, I attended a blogging event and conversation turned to writing. I was chatting with a woman who had possibly enjoyed a glass or two of champagne. “Thing about you Sally, is you’re a writer, you’re a journalist,” she said. “You know how to WRITE.”  Before you think this is… View Post