Paying the Mummy Bloggers – Part II

I was really interested to read Dan’s response to my post yesterday, Pay the Mummy Blogger, and the comments on the post. Rather than adding a long comment here and there, I thought I'd pop it up as a new post. This has the added bonus of making me look… View Post

Is wine a part of your wind-down routine?

Trust me, it’s not often (ever) I find myself defending the Daily Mail. But I read a story today, headlined : 'Wind-down wine' alert: The relaxing glass that is turning working mothers into alcoholics." The Royal College of Physicians says that, as society has become more equal, women have started… View Post

Monkey Porn – a new parenting low.

I think it’s well-established now that I’m not a morning person. That’s my excuse for what happened last week, and I’m sticking to it. Now that Flea’s at school there’s another thing to remember in the mornings – show and tell. This week, though, I thought we had it sussed.… View Post