Is wine a part of your wind-down routine?

Trust me, it’s not often (ever) I find myself defending the Daily Mail. But I read a story today, headlined : 'Wind-down wine' alert: The relaxing glass that is turning working mothers into alcoholics." The Royal College of Physicians says that, as society has become more equal, women have started… View Post

Monkey Porn – a new parenting low.

I think it’s well-established now that I’m not a morning person. That’s my excuse for what happened last week, and I’m sticking to it. Now that Flea’s at school there’s another thing to remember in the mornings – show and tell. This week, though, I thought we had it sussed.… View Post

Life is the Dream.

Another tag today, this time from Sandy who has asked me to share my ‘dream’. I was all set to tell you about the place in the picture. Except if I told you, then you might go there and it wouldn't be my secret retreat any more. So, never one… View Post

The Yay Me Meme

It’s Friday and it feels a good day to do one of my outstanding memes. And at the top of the pile? Josie at Sleep is for the Weak has tagged me with the “Proud to be Me” meme, where I have to think of five things to be proud… View Post