Flea and the great bobble mystery

Now that Flea has started school, we find ourselves at the mercy of The System. There are rules and stuff, which we're not altogether used to. One of the rules at Flea's school is that if children's hair is longer than shoulder length, it has to be tied back with… View Post

My life totally needs a do-over button…

I think once in every lifetime you should get a do-over day. And I’d like to use mine for last Saturday, please. I woke up at 9am to the sound of the council enforcement team clamping my car. Turns out a parking ticket I thought I’d paid was showing as… View Post

Well, that was fun: the CSA

Two weeks ago, I was watching TV when the chap's mobile rang. He was in the shower so I picked up, to hear a woman to bark at me: "Is that Sally Whittle?" Obviously, being a complete drama queen, I assumed the chap has a secret psycho patient who wants… View Post

Magical Moments of Parenting #205

Flea’s school recently brought in a nurse to talk to the children about hygiene and teach them how to wash their hands. It’s easy to be cynical about that sort of thing, but I can see she really washes her hands differently, to make sure she gets between her fingers,… View Post