What kind of mother would laugh at this?

I'd like to say I don't laugh every time I look at these photos from today. Unfortunately, that would be a lie. Pic 1: Look Mummy, it's snow! It's so exciting! Let's go and play!   Pic 2: Come on Mummy, keep up! Pic 3: Oh dear… Pic 4: Ouch.

Statistics, smacking and bad science.

I spent a good deal of yesterday ranting under my breath about correlative and causative data. Why? Because of this story in the Daily Mail about how children who are smacked grow up to be more successful. Of course, being the Daily Mail, the story was followed by hundreds of… View Post

Starting as we mean to go on…

Flea and I were in the car this afternoon, driving home after a trip to stock up on Diet Coke and carpet shampoo (if my Mother asks, it was Flea who spilled an entire bottle of Baileys on my bedroom floor). I was in a world of my own, wondering… View Post

Here’s one I prepared earlier

So, it's five to midnight. With any luck, right about now, my best friend has arrived, we're both still conscious and we haven't done anything silly. We've been known to give each other hair cuts under the influence of alcohol before now. I note lots of my favourite bloggers are… View Post

High Points, I’ve had a few….

Okay, start the violins playing. Liz at Living With Kids has tagged me with a meme asking what are my five high points of 2009. And I really struggled. This annoys me because a) I’m rarely short of something to say and b) I’m pretty optimistic, as a rule. Truth… View Post