Tots100 Update – A Sponsor

After running the Tots100 index of the UK’s top 100 parent blogs for six months now, I’m a broken husk of a woman. I twitch involuntarily at the sight of Excel spreadsheets and a misdirected URL feed can reduce me to heaving sobs. So when some nice people came along… View Post

New Year Resolutions, 1985 style.

So, I was hunting through drawers this morning trying frantically to find a baby photo of Flea for some school project or other when I found this:  my diary, from January 1985 to August 1985, the last entry being my 11th birthday. I remember, a family friend bought it for… View Post

Obviously, I missed the ‘perfect parent’ pamphlet

According to some women, I'm talking 'a load of old tripe'. Also my views are 'sanctimonious old bollocks' and 'nonsense'. Why? Because Flea doesn't watch television. I should point out these comments aren't directed RIGHT at me – they're about Davina McCall. Who's probably too busy shouting on late night… View Post

A mother’s place is…

I’m a feminist. I don’t consider this to be a controversial statement – in my view the world can be divided into two tribes: feminists and people I’d like to beat around the head. I’m a feminist parent, too. I’ve always tried to teach Flea that only idiots believe girls… View Post