Well, Christmas is all about toys, I guess.

Every Christmas, without fail, I have a medical emergency. This year, it’s an infected wisdom tooth, which is sort of my own fault, for not having them removed when I had the chance, but, well, I’m a wimp. So Flea and I were in Boots today picking up industrial quantities… View Post

The 12 Days of Christmas: Day four – buying presents

So Christmas is all about giving, not receiving. And the real meaning of Christmas is about spending time with loved ones, sharing meals together and reminding ourselves why families no longer live in big, shared houses and instead buy lots of small houses a long way from each other. It’s… View Post

The 12 Days of Christmas. Day three: Christmas baking

Christmas cookie recipe: 140g icing sugar 1 egg yolk 250g butter, cubed 1 tsp vanilla essence 375g plain flour, sifted Make spontaneous decision that baking Christmas cookies will be fun, festive activity, promoting mother/daughter bonding and creating magical memories. Find simple recipe on BBC website. Realise have none of the… View Post