Shiny, happy things.

The lovely Sian at Mummytips has fixed her blog (thank God!) and tagged me with the Shiny Happy meme. The rules of the meme are that I have to choose a picture and a song that encapsulate happiness for me – something I listen to or look at when I… View Post

Pacifism. We’ve heard of it.

I’m a peace-loving sort of person. There are 80s-era photos of me wearing CND badges and Doc Martens to prove it. So I've tried to raise Flea in a non-violent environment. Our mantra is: "We don't hit. We use our words." That applies to her and to me. Well, apart… View Post

Communities, cliques and a new meme

I was chatting online recently with a friend, someone who I’d consider to be a really popular, successful parent blogger. But this woman doesn’t feel part of the blogging community. “Oh I’m not in with them,” she said. “They just don’t like new people.” I was a little taken aback.… View Post