What are your Top Five Fireside Reads?

During the summer, I love to read outdoors. There’s not much that can top reading Thomas Hardy under the shade of an oak tree, or sipping cold water while drinking in My Family and Other Animals on a beach in Corfu. Summer is all about Wodehouse and Austen round these… View Post

Can’t Cook, Can’t Cook.

When Flea was younger, she had a nanny who would religiously prepare a week’s worth a delicious, home-made meals for her, and put them in the freezer for me to defrost and re-heat as needed. If you’re reading this Natalie, I really think you should ditch your girlfriend and move… View Post

What we did on our Holidays

One of the odd things about single parenting is how easy it is to forget your loser status. It’s actually pretty normal to see kids with one parent – at school, at birthday parties, on play dates. Holidays, though, are a bit different. Single parents almost always pay more for… View Post