Making a Difference in Tanzania

Earlier this month, I travelled to Tanzania with Coca Cola. Undoubtedly it’s a beautiful country – the beach at the top of the post is in Zanzibar, and I’m not sure I’ve ever stood in a more picture perfect spot. But the picture postcard only tells a fraction of the… View Post

Tanzania: Discovering Project Last Mile

I think it’s a source of pride for many English people (myself included) that our default setting is “cynical”. It’s so easy to be cynical about everything, isn’t it? Reality TV? It’s all fake. Politicians? They’re all corrupt. Multinational corporations? They’re all evil. This month, I was invited to spend… View Post

Things to do in Mauritius when you’re Eight

What springs to mind when you imagine an all-inclusive holiday? Endless, international buffet food? Packed resorts full of holiday makers taking part in enforced jollity? Bland hotels? Let’s face it, many of us have the same preconceptions about this type of holiday – but having just spent a week on an all-inclusive holiday… View Post

Things to do in Jordan when you’re Seven

“Is it safe?”  That’s the first question I asked when I was invited on a press trip to Jordan to explore the country as a destination for family holidays. This middle Eastern country borders Iraq, Syria AND Israel so you can see why I wondered – but a quick check… View Post

Israel: It’s a kind of magic

Ten days ago I flew to Israel, as a guest of the non-political charity Kinetis, which is involved in a project to raise awareness of Israel beyond military issues. I didn’t know what to expect, but had a sneaking suspicion it would involve lots of machine guns and me trying… View Post