Review: Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai

This Easter, we visited the┬áJumeirah Beach Hotel, a family-friendly 5 star hotel, as part of our visit to Dubai with Dubai Tourism. The hotel certainly makes a first impression! You’ll see it several minutes before you arrive, a huge wave-shaped building on the waterfront that’s lit up at night. Now,… View Post

Dubai Day 2: Wild Wadi and Old Dubai Walk

Here’s the thing you need to know about Dubai – you can fit more into a day here than you could fit into a WEEK at home. Seriously, it’s crazy. On our recent trip, hosted by Dubai Tourism, we had a month’s worth of holiday in a little over four… View Post

Dubai Day 1: Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall

As you may know, this Easter, I took Flea to Dubai on a mission to find out what this Middle Eastern destination has to offer families. After an epic flight (don’t ask, I’m still at risk of PTSD just from thinking about it), we landed at the Jumeirah Beach hotel… View Post

Mission: Dubai

So, I know three things about Dubai. First, it’s where people who appear on TOWIE go on holiday. I’ve never watched TOWIE, and I’ve never been to Dubai (unless you count the airport). Second, it has a big, fancy hotel that looks like a sail. I saw a documentary about… View Post

Five Foods to try in California

We love California. So much, in fact, that Flea and I have spent the last two summers in the golden state. There’s a lot to love about California, especially if you’re travelling with kids. From the cloudy waterfront in San Francisco to the wide open surfing beaches in San Diego… View Post