Things to do in Cologne when you’re six.

A couple of days before Christmas, I set off with Flea and my Mum for a 2 night trip to Cologne’s Christmas markets, courtesy of budget airline Germanwings, with accommodation provided by a website called Now, I don’t have the best track record when it comes to travel, so… View Post

A Cynic at Disneyland Paris Enchanted Christmas

For many years, I’ve cherished my semi-professional cynic status, as a journalist and a blogger. This is not a blog where you’ll find much in the way of unicorns and sparkles. But some things melt even the most  cynical heart – and being hugged by Donald Duck in a snowy… View Post

What we did this summer: The Keycamp Holiday

I have a confession to make: despite having a child, in the main, I don’t love children. In my experience, most children are noisy and a bit annoying.  Genetics means that I find these traits adorable in my own child, of course. But other children? Hmm. Not so much. So… View Post