Why are we embarrassed about cleaners?

Want to know what my top, absolutely number one household hack is? Don’t do housework. Hire a cleaner. Seriously. At the risk of being thought extravagant, lazy, spoiled or just ridiculously rich, I have a cleaner. Several, in fact. Once a month, a team of cleaners lands on my doorstep, and… View Post

12 Tips for New YouTubers

Most of us sharing content on YouTube are acting as our own cameraman, sound guy, lighting guy and director. And it’s HARD to get all that stuff right, especially when you’re a beginner. So it’s hardly surprising we end up with shots where we’re ever so slightly out of focus,… View Post

Why we need to bury the word “MumBoss”

Can we please, for the love of ALL that is holy, stop referring to ourselves as a #MumBoss? I say #Mumboss, because #Mumboss (like GirlBoss and LadyBoss)  is one of those words that was surely spawned on social media. It’s very big on Instagram, along with #Instamom and #MyLifeIsBetterThanYours.  Saying you’re a… View Post

A trip down Memory Lane

They don’t look like much. Simple wooden chalets tucked back from the road, barely visible through the trees as you drive though a tiny Scottish village. But something about them prompted my grandparents to look closer, way back in 1978. And that’s how my family discovered Ardwell. Six chalets in a row, facing… View Post

10 Things that Say Summer in Britain

August is pretty much my favourite time of the whole year. There’s no school. Work gets quieter, meaning it’s easy to take the odd day off here and there. It stops raining (quite so much). While we’re spending this August in Canada and the US, it’s the little things that… View Post