Write Blog. Get Trolled.

This weekend was the first ever blogging conference from Mumsnet – BlogFest. I did have a ticket but life got in the way, and I ended up passing it on to a friend, and following the news on Twitter. The thing about Twitter is you can see the comments that… View Post

Stop Whining about Child Benefit Already.

So you earn £50,000 and you’re not going to receive child benefit any more. Or you have a household income of £100,000+ and you won’t receive your benefit next year? Well, excuse me for a nano-second while I try (and fail) to come up with an ounce of sympathy for… View Post

Standing up for Girls

Regular readers of my blog know I’m a feminist. I find being a feminist comes with having a heartbeat and a brain. Not much in life makes me roll my eyes more than hearing someone (especially a young woman) say, “I wouldn’t call myself a feminist…”  Seriously? What is it about… View Post