The Changing Room Conundrum

swimming pool

Flea loves to swim. Loves it. So every week, she has swimming lessons at our local YMCA pool, and has done for quite some years. It’s fun, but chaotic. The YMCA in our town is one of the best places to get lessons – so it’s always busy. There are two teachers, each teaching half a […]

Ten Fabulous Things to do on Instagram

instagram top 10

I was a late convert to Instagram. “It’s just badly shot photos of Other People’s Children,” I said, knowing that Other People’s Children are never as cute as my own. How little I knew. Yes, there are badly shot photos of OPCs (including many taken by me) but since I joined up a year or […]

Five Reasons to Love Shonda Rhimes

shonda rhimes speech

Every so often, in our society, we get a flurry of noisy social media outrage – shoutrage, if you will – because someone has expressed an opinion that is (pause for sharp intake of breath) different from our own opinion. Most recently it was TV craft/housing type Kirstie Allsopp, who apparently said something about how she […]

Retweeting compliments. Just no.

showing off on twitter

So, I got into a bit of a debate with the awesome Cathy Bussey on Twitter on Friday about the tendency of some Twitter users to Retweet compliments about themselves. You know the sort of thing. @swhittle RT @randomuser Sally is just so SPECIAL, I love her xxx <- Wow, thanks Pfft. There are a […]

Reasons why I hate the world sometimes #573


Let’s face it. The world of advertising, marketing and PR is pretty messed up sometimes – and never more than when it comes to its attitudes towards women. But change is starting to happen – we’ve got Pantene’s Labels Against Women campaign and Everyday Sexism. There are female CEOs at Yahoo and HP, and a […]

Working Parents: not a tragedy, in fact.


I should know better, shouldn’t I? But there I was this morning perusing the Mail Online when I came across this gem: ADHD and why we working mums need to look in the mirror This headline, like so many others in the media (and especially the Fail) makes the classic assumption that parenting is (of […]

Dear Lego…


Dear LEGO. It’s been a while since we last corresponded. Since then, we’ve got closer, I think. These days, Flea is a huge LEGO fan. We’ve got boxes full of LEGO Chima sets, and over Christmas we built an amazing LEGO winter village together. And pleasingly, Flea is getting confident enough to build her own […]

A Month without Amazon

Amazon boycott

£3,410.55. That’s how much money I spent on last year. Plus $66 on for a really cool popcorn bowl that lets you pop corn in the microwave in 2 minutes. It’s scary how it adds up. And it’s frankly terrifying what I spent it on – £250 on Converse, and £1500 on electronics […]

I wrote a blog post. What happened next will AMAZE you.

cute naughty puppy

I do apologise. That headline up there is a bit of a lie. Because what happened next won’t amaze you. I wrote a blog post. What happened next is that I published it. Some people read it. Maybe some people commented (hey, I can hope). Some people Tweeted it. And, um, that’s it. What can […]

Dear M&S…


So according to that great bastion of reason and truth, The Daily Mail, M&S gives Muslim staff the right to refuse to sell alcohol or pork if they choose. I glanced at the headline yesterday and my first thought was, “That’s nice.”   And I didn’t really think any more of it until I ventured […]