My Week Eating like Gwyneth Paltrow

It’s fair to say then when I told colleagues that I would be eating like Gwyneth for a week, the response was less than supportive. The phrase “open derision” springs to mind. Gwyneth has a reputation for being a bit kooky when it comes to food. But what the heck? I found her… View Post

So… My Ex Hates Me.

If there was such a thing as a hierarchy of skills, I suspect making fire and cooking edible food would rank top 10. ‘Understanding why your ex hates you – and learning not to care’ might not rank so high, but it’s a skill I’ve been working on this past year.… View Post


I suspect like all of us, I’m pre-occupied with this week’s EU referendum. I wasn’t going to write about it, honest I wasn’t. I wasn’t going to write because I tend to think once people make up their minds on this stuff, you can’t change it. You think the EU… View Post

Is the Child Maintenance Service the Worst Idea EVER?

Like thousands of other single parents, I’ve recently been received a letter from the CSA, announcing that my existing child maintenance agreement, as run by the CSA, will end in a few months, and I need to make new arrangements. Now I know it has a terrible reputation but I can’t lie… View Post

Things I Have Forgotten

  I love reading those posts about “40 Things I have Learned Since Turning 40” and “10 Lessons I’ve Learned about Parenting” type posts, but friends, that post is never going to be written by me. Simply put, I am at an age now where I have forgotten so many… View Post