What can you say?


One of the things that regularly induces toe-curling rage in my house is seeing yet another one of those, “10 Things NEVER to say to…” type articles. I have a reflexive impulse to shout, “Shut up!” at the computer whenever I see one. And they’re everywhere. Eleven things never to say to a working mum. The 20 WORST […]

The terrible, no good weekend.

woman window

It was a bad weekend. Sometimes divorced parenting is just a case of accepting you’ve failed before you open your eyes in the morning. It doesn’t get easier, it just gets more complicated. Flea was upset, I was upset, I’m fairly sure the postman would have been upset, if I’d had a chance to talk […]

Adoption shouldn’t be the Last Port of Call


I remember the day I was adopted. My Mum had bought me a skirt for this Big Occasion and I was – frankly – disgusted at the idea that I was wasting a perfectly good bonus day off school wearing such a hideous ensemble. We went to court, and a judge asked me if I wanted […]

Should Social Media be Reciprocal?

social media panic

I’ve got to start this post with a confession: I unfollowed you on Twitter. Honestly? It’s not you, it’s me. You were chatting on about reality TV every single week and MAN, I hate reality TV. Hate it. And then you started sharing those pretty things you pin on Pinterest. I can’t craft. I can’t cook. I […]

The MAD Blog Awards (2015 edition)

IMG_8192 (1)

It’s sort of crazy to me that the MAD Blog Awards for UK parent blogs are now in their sixth year. I remember sitting in my back garden chatting through the bare bones of an idea with Josie, way back in late 2009. The idea was that while Tots100 ranked blogs and used numbers and metrics […]

Why are we so scared of men?

discrimination against dads

So, I’m going to let you into a bit of a secret: I like men. I point this out because some people think you can’t be divorced and a feminist and like men. Some people are stupid, what can I say? Anyway, I do like men. I date men. A lot of my most long-standing friends, […]

The World According to Taylor Swift


It’s been a challenging few weeks for our little family. Flea’s been having some struggles in her relationship with her Dad – just the usual growing up stuff, but it’s a little more complicated, I think, when you’re not living in the same house as one of your parents. Those struggles have had knock-on effects […]

Why are clothing sizes so stupid?

next clothing

I bought a new top from Next recently – it was an impulse purchase, one of those, “It’s a blogging event tomorrow, I have nothing clean, this looks okay.”  It was a nice top – green, plain, detailing on the sleeves. So nice, in fact, I decided to buy the same top in blue. I […]

What does it mean to be “like a girl”?


A week or so back, Flea and I were returning from a bike ride, when suddenly, the gears on Flea’s bike started slipping. She’d managed to turn the gears while her bike wasn’t moving, and they were protesting. I probably rolled my eyes, but it was no big deal, or so I thought. But Flea’s reaction […]