Saving Smarter with Aviva

This week was a pretty big one for me, financially. I finally signed off my will, and I also set up a new pension, and some ISA investment type things (technical description available via my financial advisor). I know, right? Living the [middle aged] dream. Truth be told, for a long… View Post

Review: Tefal Cuisine Companion

There are two things you’ll notice immediately about the Tefal Cuisine Companion. First, it’s a big ole space-ship of a kitchen appliance. And second, it has a hefty price tag – it’s available exclusively at John Lewis in the UK costing a shade short of £700. When Tefal got in… View Post

Canary Wireless Home Security: Review

Long-time readers will know that a few years ago we were burgled. We were very lucky – the police apprehended our burglar within 24 hours and once the court stuff was over, we got most of our kit back. Still, it made me a lot more conscious of home security. A… View Post

Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers from The Works

Living with a voracious reader, I know that I can never go wrong with books as gifts – but sometimes keeping up with the cost of new kids’ books is a struggle. Thank goodness for The Works, which is the UK’s favourite retailer of discount books, stationery, crafts and calendars.… View Post

Review: Bounce Off

I tend to think there are two kinds of people in the world. There are those who consider competitively bouncing ping pong balls into a plastic frame to try and create a random pattern is the height of entertainment. And then there are people with no souls. Bounce Off is a… View Post