Review: The Crown, new on Netflix

This year we’ve been enjoying some stellar TV shows on Netflix. To be fair, a lot of my telly watching falls under the “guilty pleasure” category. My tastes in TV haven’t matured very much in the past 20 years or so. This means that 2016 has seen us bingeing on… View Post

Pizza Express Dough Balls. And other things.

A couple of years ago, I found myself in a kitchen in Florence, being taught how to make pizza by a spectacularly passionate Italian. The perfect pizza, it turns out, requires the very best Italian olive oil,¬†flour, water and just a dash of salt. Oh, and about an hour of… View Post

Win a GoPro Session Camera: Review and Giveaway

Flea and I are huge fans of the GoPro camera range. These tiny portable cameras shoot HD video in places you couldn’t – or wouldn’t want to – take a regular camcorder or mobile phone. The huge range of GoPro accessories and mounts mean that you can use a GoPro… View Post

Possibly the Best Baby Keepsake EVER!

Baby clothes are special, aren’t they? Because they’re not just clothes, they’re memories. As a Mum (or Dad), you can look at old baby clothes and remember where you were when your baby wore that outfit; what they did; who you were with. I suppose because the things you did… View Post