Fancy winning a good hair year?

I am a fairly even-tempered person. I don’t get wound up by bad drivers, I can shrug off poor service in shops, lateness or most things. But if you have thick, shiny hair, I can’t help but hate you. Just a little bit. I have been cursed with dead straight,… View Post

Welcome to the Jungle

Since starting blogging, I’ve shared many intimate details of my life with you, my readers. You’ve seen my mug shelves. You’ve seen my kitchen cupboard. You’ve seen my dining room shelves and toy storage. As a result, I may have gained a reputation for being a tidy, orderly sort of… View Post

Kitchen Appliance Porn

One of the weird, but lovely things about blogging is that the World of PR sends you stuff that you’d never otherwise buy. For example, I am not the sort of person who finds £50 in their wallet and thinks, ooh, I must buy myself an electric milk frother.  This… View Post