The one where I steal from old people.

Over the past few months, I've tested a few new products from Morphy Richards, and just before Christmas I got another email from their PR agency. Would my parents like to test a new product?  Apparently, Morphy Richards has put together a range of new and existing products designed to make… View Post

Seven of the best Playmobil toys for Christmas

It’s been well documented on this blog that I’m a huge fan of the Playmobil range of toys. Last year I was invited to visit the headquarters of Playmobil in Germany to tour the factory and Playmobil Fun Park, and then meet the company’s founder, Horst Brandstatter. What I remember… View Post

Six Working from Home Essentials

Regular readers of this blog will be completely unsurprised astounded to hear that I don't function well in full-time, office-based employment. According to my last appraisal, I have "issues with authority figures", or something. Pfft. As if.  Anyway I've worked freelance, from home, very happily, for around 10 years now,… View Post

Fancy winning a good hair year?

I am a fairly even-tempered person. I don’t get wound up by bad drivers, I can shrug off poor service in shops, lateness or most things. But if you have thick, shiny hair, I can’t help but hate you. Just a little bit. I have been cursed with dead straight,… View Post