Wearable Cameras: GoPro or Panasonic HX-A100?


So, one of the nice things about being a blogger and a former tech journalist is that people periodically sent you new bits of kit to try out. In recent weeks, we've tried a fair few new devices and I thought I'd select two cameras to review this week - the GoPro Hero3 camera, and the Panasonic X-100 head-mounted camera. Wearable cameras are increasingly popular among sporty types but also families who want to capture memories without having to hold up an actual camera - so how do these … [Read more...]

Review: the Nissan Note

nissan note review

For a small family, we're surprisingly demanding of our cars. For Flea, there has to be small space for the car to effectively become a secondary wardrobe and secondary toy storage - for all the items that make it into the car on the way to school but never seem to be taken into school (coats, cardigans, boots) and all the things that come out of school and are dumped in the car (permission slips, PE kits, art creations and the like). For me, it has to be able to cope with a decent number … [Read more...]

Mr Tickle Arrives on the iPad


One of the things that’s lovely about parenting a child who is mad about books is sharing your own childhood favourites with your lovely child. When Flea showed early signs that she was going to follow in her parents’ footsteps and be a book lover, I was SO excited. I couldn’t wait to read her all the Faraway Tree books, and hand over my battered red hardback Famous Five books. No such luck. “It’s a bit boring, Mummy,” said Flea, as she ignored Moon Face and Fanny in favour of Diary of … [Read more...]

Turbo: A Review (with added pizazz)

turbo movie review

We are huge movie fans in this house. HUGE. So when the people at 20th Century Fox asked us if we'd like a new Apple TV pre-loaded with the animated adventure Turbo, it didn't take us long to say yes. In case you missed it, Turbo is the tale of a snail called Theo who dreams of being fast like the Indie 500 racers he sees on TV. One day (don't worry about the details, just go with it), Theo falls into a turbo engine and becomes a turbo-powered snail, complete with glowing shell. … [Read more...]

Review: British Gas Hive

British Gas Hive review

You know what it's like. You're all comfy on the sofa, absorbed in a great TV programme, and then you realise that you're a bit cold. You could scramble out from under your cosy blanket, move your drink aside and wander ALL THE WAY into the freezing cold kitchen to turn the heating on. Or you could simply tap a couple of buttons on your smartphone, and turn the heating up to your idle heart's content. This - it should be said - is not the official way to use British Gas's new HIVE … [Read more...]

Review: LeapPad Ultra

leappad ultra review

During 2013, we’ve been able to put a number of tablet computers through their paces. Some we’ve loved and continued to use regularly, while others have fallen by the wayside and entered the “kept in a drawer” stage. What are we looking for from a tablet? Well, I need something light, fast, and able to download lots of TV programmes so I can be entertained while on yet another soul-sucking journey on the West Coast mainline. Flea wants something with a good battery life so she can use … [Read more...]

Review: Peter Pan Never Ending Story

Peter Pan Never Ending Story Review

Back in her younger days, Flea would watch the Disney version of Peter Pan almost every day. I think there's something magical about someone who never grows up. Add pirates, swords and flying to the mix and you've pretty much got Flea's perfect story. This Christmas, I wanted something a little different to the local panto, so this weekend Flea and I went to the NIA in Birmingham to see Peter Pan - The Never Ending Story. It's a Peter Pan with a difference. The story is narrated … [Read more...]

Board Games for Kids at Christmas

Name 5

Earlier this month we were sent some board games by the people at Brainbox. Now, I have to say that Flea loves board games. One of the side-effects of keeping her screen free until she was five is that she developed a passion for board games, and I think it's a really nice, low-key way to spend time together in the evenings. Among the bundle we were sent was a game I haven't seen before, called "Name 5". It's a ridiculously simple game in some respects - players take turn moving a … [Read more...]

The One Where We Review a Volvo V60.


There are some upsides to being a blogger. One of them - to be honest - is that people send you a lot of really cool stuff to try out. The downside? Sometimes trying them out does not go exactly to plan. For example: Last month was the MAD Blog Awards, which involved me taking three ginormous banners, six suitcases full of brochures and product samples, three video cameras, three tripods, one regular camera, an admin assistant, and an overnight bag down to London. Fortunately … [Read more...]

Review: The Asus VivoTab Smart

asus vivotab smart

We are no strangers to the world of tablets in the Whittle household. Not of the pharmaceutical variety (I'm not THAT bad a parent) but of the technical bent. This month, the nice people at Currys sent us an Asus VivoTab Smart tablet to review, and see what we could do with. The VivoTab is a Windows-based 10.1 inch tablet - this means it runs Office and all its associated apps, just like a PC laptop (and unlike an iPad or a Kindle). It also neatly avoids the issues that have plagued Windows … [Read more...]