Review: Peugeot 5008


Just before Christmas, the rather nice people at Peugeot got in touch and asked if we’d like to try out the Peugeot 5008 compact MPV. As it happened, I was planning a day trip to the Warner Bros Studio Tour with Flea and two of her friends, and I figured this was the perfect opportunity […]

Win a Gigaset Tablet in time for Christmas!


An affordable family tablet is something of a holy grail among my friends – it’s tricky finding something that offers enough functionality to keep everyone in the house happy, AND which won’t break the bank (or break your heart if the kids drop it on a hard surface). This week, we’ve been trying out the new […]

Review: Subaru XV Family 4×4


It’s fair to say I spend a lot of time in my car – the school run is an 18 mile round trip twice a day, and I regularly drive down to London and the surrounding areas for work meetings, not to mention visiting friends in our old home of Brighton. On that basis, I […]

Review: Anki Drive

anki drive

I bet, like many parents, I remember playing with remote control cars and race tracks as a kid. Perhaps that’s why I was so excited when a big box arrived at our house this week containing the brand new Anki Drive toy, which launches in the UK today. I should start by saying that Anki […]

Review: Skoda Yeti

Skoda Yeti Review

Like many people, I guess I’ve always had preconceptions about Skoda, while also reading enough to know that today’s Skoda’s are a world away from the vehicles I remember from my younger years. So I was really excited to finally get my hands on a Skoda of my own – albeit temporarily – when we were […]

Go Ape Junior at Grizedale – Review

Go Ape Grizedale

If you’re looking for somewhere fun to go with the kids during the summer hols, then you might want to consider Go Ape at Grizedale, in the Lake District. We’ve been aware of Go Ape for a fair few years – every time we’re in one of those places with local attraction leaflets, Flea picks […]

Can you spend less on petrol?


  There are some things I don’t mind spending money on. Decorators and builders always seem like money well spent, for example. It would take me more time than them, to do a worse job, and the money I wouldn’t earn outweighs what they cost. Netflix. Apple TV. Broadband. All no-brainers. For some reason, though, […]

Wearable Cameras: GoPro or Panasonic HX-A100?


So, one of the nice things about being a blogger and a former tech journalist is that people periodically sent you new bits of kit to try out. In recent weeks, we’ve tried a fair few new devices and I thought I’d select two cameras to review this week – the GoPro Hero3 camera, and […]

Review: the Nissan Note

nissan note review

For a small family, we’re surprisingly demanding of our cars. For Flea, there has to be small space for the car to effectively become a secondary wardrobe and secondary toy storage – for all the items that make it into the car on the way to school but never seem to be taken into school […]

Mr Tickle Arrives on the iPad


One of the things that’s lovely about parenting a child who is mad about books is sharing your own childhood favourites with your lovely child. When Flea showed early signs that she was going to follow in her parents’ footsteps and be a book lover, I was SO excited. I couldn’t wait to read her […]