Review: Mindful Chef Recipe Box

Have you heard of Mindful Chef? The company, based in Devon, supplies recipe boxes incorporating fresh, organic ingredients. Where possible, they don’t include refined carbs or sugars, are low in gluten, and sourced from organic, sustainable suppliers. Now delivering nationwide, Mindful Chef looks like a very attractive option if, like… View Post

Review: Philips Air Purifier

When you’re a family affected by allergies, the prospect of an air purifier becomes about a thousand times more fascinating. I’ve long suffered from allergy-related asthma, triggered by dust, fabrics, fur and perfume, while Flea has hay-fever that sees her spend huge chunks of the summer sniffling into tissues and with… View Post

Review: Philips FC6232 Dust Mite Cleaner

From around May to August each year, poor Flea suffers horribly with allergies – she has hay fever and also reacts to various detergents, plants and chemicals with a range of rashes, runny eyes and sneezes. She’s not alone. From childhood I’ve had a range of allergies to dust, animals,… View Post

Saving Smarter with Aviva

This week was a pretty big one for me, financially. I finally signed off my will, and I also set up a new pension, and some ISA investment type things (technical description available via my financial advisor). I know, right? Living the [middle aged] dream. Truth be told, for a long… View Post