Things I Have Forgotten

  I love reading those posts about “40 Things I have Learned Since Turning 40” and “10 Lessons I’ve Learned about Parenting” type posts, but friends, that post is never going to be written by me. Simply put, I am at an age now where I have forgotten so many… View Post

The Year of Lasts.

We were driving to school this morning when it occurred to me. This is the last school run we’ll ever do with Flea wearing this school uniform. The last day she’ll wear her school tie. The tie I remember painstakingly showing her how to tie for herself, smiling every time… View Post

The Sugar Tax Misses the Point

So the big headline from the budget was the introduction of a sugar tax – an extra few pence added to the cost of a can of full-sugar drinks like Coke. The government apparently thinks this is the key to solving the issue of childhood obesity. I’m not so sure.… View Post

My Child Laughs in the Face of Plans

I shouldn’t be here right now. By which I mean, I shouldn’t be on the sofa, with my 10-year-old, watching TV. I should be in London, having dinner with a friend, after spending the day at YouTube, learning how to make better vlogs. The hotel was booked, the train seats… View Post

Time for THAT Lesson

We’ve been counting down to this week for a while. Ever since that letter came home asking for parental consent for Flea to participate…. in THAT lesson. Also known as “Growing and Changing”. There’s been a lot of sniggering and stupid jokes and inappropriate comments about periods. And I’m not… View Post