Our Summer in Pictures

How was your summer? Monday morning is the return to full-on school and work, and I’m not ready! This summer has felt monumental in some ways. Flea finished primary school, and turned 11. It’s such a fun age, almost as though she’s straddling two stages of her life. On the… View Post

First Day Nerves

What if I get lost?  What if nobody speaks to me?  I hope I don’t do anything embarrassing.  Did I remember to floss? I don’t want bad breath on the first day!  It’s Flea’s first day of senior school today, and somewhere around 8pm last night, the nerves kicked in. My nerves.… View Post

And So It Ends

In a little over 36 hours, Flea’s time at primary school will be over. Judging by the tearful child I put to bed this evening, I’m not the only one surprised by the speed with which this has come around. On the one hand, Flea’s excited. She’s going to a… View Post

Secondary School: Excitement and Jitters

Another milestone day for our household this week, as Flea went to her secondary school induction day. I don’t think I was the only one who was overwhelmed. Faced with a big hall, unfamiliar teachers and lots of parents I didn’t recognise, I’ll confess to a gulp. Or three. That’s… View Post

Things I Have Forgotten

  I love reading those posts about “40 Things I have Learned Since Turning 40” and “10 Lessons I’ve Learned about Parenting” type posts, but friends, that post is never going to be written by me. Simply put, I am at an age now where I have forgotten so many… View Post