When your Fussy Eater turns Vegetarian

Flea announced to the family recently that she was thinking of becoming a vegetarian. We all laughed heartily because while Flea has a very healthy diet, the “vegetable” part of it consists primarily of carrots, peas and cucumber. When you look at one of those government-sponsored Eatwell plates that we’re… View Post

Looking after a Sick Child

We were just arriving home from a day out, and a quick visit to my brother’s house yesterday when Flea announced she had a headache. “I feel a bit sick,” she said, before unleashing The Exorcist on our bathroom. I don’t deal well with sick children. As I may have mentioned… View Post

Be Careful what you Wish for!

It’s three months into Flea’s secondary school journey.  Is it too soon to confess that I’m exhausted? Completely and utterly. It’s hard to imagine before you’re here, how much life changes when a child goes into secondary school. In some ways, it’s a good thing – at Flea’s old school,… View Post

What do Tween Girls do on Instagram?

Might delete. You mean don’t delete! Ur a stunner! LOL! Ur lying.  Sxc!  #Figure  Not lying. Yeah you are, it’s not funny. It’s no joke. Ur so pretty  Stop talking about urself in my comments.   God, it’s EXHAUSTING being a tween on Instagram. Judging by the feeds of 11 and 12-year old… View Post

Helping Girls Prepare for Periods

My last year of primary school was a milestone in more ways than one. Looking back, I still remember the horror that was Living & Growing. This hour-long telly torture was followed by an educational talk from our incredibly elderly teacher (I say that, she was probably 30). This was how I learned… View Post