Motherly Mortification

Flea is now 11. So it stands to reason that literally EVERYTHING I say and do is embarrassing these days. “You don’t have to get out of the car at school, you know,” she says to me. Except on the days she’s feeling nervous, when I’m required to get out of… View Post

Senior School: Week One

We survived. Despite the nerves, despite the full-body-shell-shock of a 7.15am wake-up alarm, we survived. Flea is now a fully-fledged secondary school girl. It’s been a really big change, for both of us. And some things took us by surprise. Namely: Kids Make Friends Faster Than You Flea came home the… View Post

Top Tips to Banish Tech from the Dinner Table

Flea turned 11 a couple of weeks ago. For the past year I’ve really noticed some changes. No, not those changes. My pre-teen seems permanently attached to her iPhone these days. If it’s not Snapchat, it’s Instagram. If it’s not Instagram, it’s FaceTime, or a text message, or surfing Buzzfeed… View Post

Our Summer in Pictures

How was your summer? Monday morning is the return to full-on school and work, and I’m not ready! This summer has felt monumental in some ways. Flea finished primary school, and turned 11. It’s such a fun age, almost as though she’s straddling two stages of her life. On the… View Post

First Day Nerves

What if I get lost?  What if nobody speaks to me?  I hope I don’t do anything embarrassing.  Did I remember to floss? I don’t want bad breath on the first day!  It’s Flea’s first day of senior school today, and somewhere around 8pm last night, the nerves kicked in. My nerves.… View Post