Tips for Starting School with M&S

As a Mum to a child who started secondary school last year, I can tell you that the starting school panic doesn’t get any better with age. Back in the mists of time, when Flea was starting “big” school for the first time, I was a wreck. I kept reading… View Post

Teacher Meetings and Transformations

This week I had to go into school to meet with one of Flea’s teachers. In my head, I’d planned it all out. I had a couple of questions about how the school had handled something, and also wanted some reassurance about how the issue would be handled going forward.… View Post

Nine Years of Memories

I noticed, almost in passing, that my blog is nine years old this week. Nine years.┬áImagine! How it all Started… Flea wasn’t quite three years old, when I started writing Who’s the Mummy. I remember taking the photo at the top of this post, at about that time. Marriage was… View Post

Parenting Pre-Teens and Why You Know Nothing

My name is Sally, and I’m a terrible parent. But it’s alright. I’ve realised that everyone parenting a pre-teen is a pretty terrible parent. Here’s the thing. You spend ten years perfecting your parenting technique on this little person, safe in the knowledge that any mistakes can be fixed. Probably.… View Post

Helping Kids Cope with Failure

Me and failure are pretty well acquainted. When I was nine, I forgot my lines on stage during a primary school production where my role was “bubonic plague”. ┬áNot wanting to stop the show, I improvised my lines. For about ten minutes. It was a memorable show, for all the… View Post