Just Another Parenting Triumph

Being a COOL Mum *cough* means that I like to get down with the kids and listen to the youth music once in a while. In other words, Flea and I take turns listening to our music in the car. This week, Flea’s been listening to a lot of Troye… View Post

7 Things that will Definitely Happen in Year 7

So your precious baby is about to start Year 7, and secondary school? Get ready. I say get ready because you have NO idea how much things are going to change over the next 12 months. Your little kid is going to transform into a borderline teenager right in front… View Post

Tips for Starting School with M&S

As a Mum to a child who started secondary school last year, I can tell you that the starting school panic doesn’t get any better with age. Back in the mists of time, when Flea was starting “big” school for the first time, I was a wreck. I kept reading… View Post

Teacher Meetings and Transformations

This week I had to go into school to meet with one of Flea’s teachers. In my head, I’d planned it all out. I had a couple of questions about how the school had handled something, and also wanted some reassurance about how the issue would be handled going forward.… View Post