The 5 Faces of Parents’ Evening

Yesterday was Flea’s second parents’ evening of senior school. I’ve got to be honest. I’d had a good day. The sun was shining and I took some time out, culminating in a 90-minute de-stress treatment at our local spa (HEAVEN). So I was ready to be entertained. And everyone knows… View Post

When Should you Reward your Kids?

Do you reward your children for achievements, and if so, which ones? As with most parenting issues, I veer from being 100% certain that I’ve got it sussed, and realising I have precisely zero idea what’s the right thing to do. I want to motivate and recognise when Flea has… View Post

When your Fussy Eater turns Vegetarian

Flea announced to the family recently that she was thinking of becoming a vegetarian. We all laughed heartily because while Flea has a very healthy diet, the “vegetable” part of it consists primarily of carrots, peas and cucumber. When you look at one of those government-sponsored Eatwell plates that we’re… View Post

Looking after a Sick Child

We were just arriving home from a day out, and a quick visit to my brother’s house yesterday when Flea announced she had a headache. “I feel a bit sick,” she said, before unleashing The Exorcist on our bathroom. I don’t deal well with sick children. As I may have mentioned… View Post