Do We Measure Up?

It happened this weekend. 10pm came around and I found myself on the BA website looking at flights. My feet are itchy and I’m feeling the need to take a trip before Christmas. Maybe a European Christmas market. Perhaps Dublin. Oslo? Just somewhere. Else. This time last year, we booked… View Post

Catching the Bus: 5 Tips to Make Kids Confident

Flea is 12 now and I’m fully aware it’s time to start helping her become more independent. But wow, it isn’t easy. I feel slightly guilty when I tell people that Flea has never taken a bus by herself. But her primary school was 8 miles away, so a bus wasn’t… View Post

Kicking the Winter Blues

It’s no secret among my friends that I really struggle at this time of year. Some people love the cusp between autumn and winter, and I get it, I do. Fireworks, falling leaves, hot chocolate? Not to mention all the scented candles. There are plenty of lovely things to enjoy.… View Post

How to be an Insta-Mum

There’s been all sorts of talk lately about the Insta-Mum. Get them with their shiny houses and perfect lives, constantly making “normal” Mums look bad. I take offence. Being an Insta-Mum myself, I can tell you with 100% confidence and honesty that some of us just find life easier than others.… View Post

Lunch Box Ideas for Vegetarian Kids

A little over a year ago, my 12-year-old told the family she was thinking of becoming a vegetarian. Oh, how we laughed. She hates at least 75% of vegetables. Well, she showed us. Flea’s now been vegetarian for a whole year and it’s been a steep learning curve. Honestly, it’s… View Post