The One Where we Buy a Shed.


As regular readers may know, we recently added a new member to the family – Teddy the puppy. Mostly, Teddy enjoys biting stuff. Toys, sure, but also skirting boards, passing feet, coats, her own lead… and bicycles. Flea and I noticed that Teddy had started chewing the tyres of our bikes, which were locked up […]

The Changing Room Conundrum

swimming pool

Flea loves to swim. Loves it. So every week, she has swimming lessons at our local YMCA pool, and has done for quite some years. It’s fun, but chaotic. The YMCA in our town is one of the best places to get lessons – so it’s always busy. There are two teachers, each teaching half a […]

Should Schools be on Twitter?


It’s prize giving at Flea’s school this week. I know, because one of the school’s Twitter accounts Tweeted about it. I also know that one of the junior classes had a really fun looking field trip last week, and the kids got covered in mud. I know that because another class Twitter account Tweeted a photo of […]

Amazing Lies Parents Tell Their Kids


Truth has its place in parenting. It’s just not always a very big place. Let’s face it – there are times when telling the truth to your child might traumatise them. Or you. Like that time Flea asked me what necrophilia was. Or the time when Flea found a stash of presents in the spare bedroom, and […]

Go places. Do things.


I have a great job, I really do. But one of the things about a job like mine is that there’s never peace. Or space. Pretty much 24/7, there’s someone with a question, a problem, or something that I could be doing. So this Easter has been a chance to step away. To be with […]

Life Moves Pretty Fast


I remember watching a documentary about childhood where a Dad said that raising kids is just one long goodbye. Every day is a day you’re never going to see again. Every moment you look at your child, and see those long lashes resting on rounded cheeks, the inexplicably bruised knees, those eyes glinting with mischief […]

How can your child humiliate you? Let me count the ways…


The nice thing about blogging – as my friend Jen likes to tell me – is that no humiliation is wasted. It’s all blog fodder. This of course explains why I have shared stories such as The Worst Smear Test Ever, and (an old favourite) The Time Flea Told Everyone How Many Condoms I Use. […]

The Worrier.

pic: shutterstock

Once a month, two cleaners arrive at my house and clean it, top to bottom. It’s my favourite day of the month. My cleaners like my house, too. They say things like, “Sometimes you can’t tell children live in a house. But we never feel like that in your house, Sally.”  I choose to take […]

Positive Parenting in Action


This week our home has become the House of Lurgy. I’ve been felled by a nasty throat infection that has meant, for large portions of the last 10 days, I haven’t been able to speak. This has been quite a blow for me, as people who know me well will understand. We’re a fairly chatty […]

What to buy your parents for Christmas


Every year, I have the same conversation with my Mum. “What sort of thing would you like for Christmas this year?”  “Oh…I don’t need anything.”  “Yes, I know that, but I’d like to buy you something.”  “Honestly, I don’t need anything. How about some of that nice bath stuff from M&S?”  This conversation is the […]