Win a Playmobil Advent Calendar!


  UPDATED: Congratulations to hte lucky winner, @tillytilly2 on Twitter! Your advent calendar will be on its way very soon!    Christmas is awesome. And so is Playmobil. Put them together and it’s a veritable festive smorgasbord of awesomeness, as can be seen in the Playmobil Advent Calendar range. What makes Playmobil advent calendars particularly […]

Win a Fab Personalised Cushion from Jonny’s Sister.


The winner of this competition, as chosen by from all eligible entries, is: Follow @swhittle and RT for a chance to win a customised alphabet cushion from @jonnyssister — Debbie (@_Johnsonbabies) October 16, 2014 Congratulations, Debbie! Personalised gifts are always appreciated in our family, and Flea was green with envy when this […]

Fancy being a Little Tikes Toy Tester?


There are many good things about being a parent blogger. Blogging gives me a creative outlet, it’s given me a career and much more in between. But I’ll let you into a secret – the single most brilliant thing about being a blogger is that you become a positive ROCK STAR to your kids, and their […]

A Way with Words. And Washlets.


For 25 years, I’ve earned a living as a professional writer. Words are the tools of my trade. And yet – to be honest – I’m terrible with words. Particularly the spoken word. I can write about pretty much anything, but put me face to face with someone and ask me to chat about anything […]

Win a Bread and Jam Dress for Christmas


There’s a famous photo in the Whittle Family Archives. You know how it is at Christmas – it’s the time of year you put your children into their Christmas jumpers, line them up and say, “Cheese!” Back in the late 1970s, though, this was an annual challenge because I – even at two years old […]

Win a Playmobil Advent Calendar

playmobil advent calendar competition

Once again, 2013 has seen us working with the lovely people at Playmobil to review some great toys. This year, Flea’s wish-list for Christmas includes the new e-rangers turbo jet, and perhaps also the spy plane. But one of the things I love most about Playmobil is that while there are constantly new things, they’re […]

Competition for Chocolate Lovers!


To celebrate the launch of the rather yummy new Cadbury’s Pebbles, the nice people at Cadbury’s gave me some chocolate. I’d show it to you, with an attractive photo, but we ate them. Here’s one I managed to snap on my phone, right before my niece snarfed the last few. Sorry about that. So the […]

Things I Have Forgotten


I have a theory about the human brain. I think it basically has a finite capacity, a bit like a laptop hard drive. And when your mental hard drive is full, what’s left either gets punted to an external drive (phone, diary) or is simply discarded. In my case, a lot of stuff gets discarded. […]