Win a Limited Edition Tiny Tatty Teddy!

Final Tatty Teddy with name

It can’t have escaped your notice that there was a brand new Royal Baby this Bank Holiday weekend. By now, I fully expect that William and Catherine are at home, gazing down at their new arrival and wondering, “Will she EVER sleep again?” Or maybe that was just me. Bringing home a newborn was equal […]

Win £50 to spend at Olive and Vince


This weekend, Flea updated her summer wardrobe, which meant a shopping trip for both of us. Frankly, shopping is WAY more fun with a toddler – Flea has an aversion to wearing cute dungarees with stars on and teddy bear slippers these days, which saddens me. Is there anything cuter than a toddler in dungarees? […]

Win a Kobo eReader for your Book Confession


Generally, I’m quite an honest person. That’s not always a positive trait – I’m horribly tactless sometimes, and I embarrass myself on a regular basis because of my tendency to speak without thinking. But there’s one area where I can regularly be found lying my pants off. Books. Specifically – pretending to have read books when I’ve got no intention of doing so. Don’t […]

Win a Vodafone Smart 4G Tablet this Christmas!


I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to imagine life without TV box sets. Literally, I don’t know how my parents survived long train journeys, flights and waits outside the school gates without the ability to load up a mobile device and watch a quick episode of Gilmore Girls. It’s horrifying to […]

Win a Gigaset Tablet in time for Christmas!


An affordable family tablet is something of a holy grail among my friends – it’s tricky finding something that offers enough functionality to keep everyone in the house happy, AND which won’t break the bank (or break your heart if the kids drop it on a hard surface). This week, we’ve been trying out the new […]

Win a Playmobil Advent Calendar!


  UPDATED: Congratulations to hte lucky winner, @tillytilly2 on Twitter! Your advent calendar will be on its way very soon!    Christmas is awesome. And so is Playmobil. Put them together and it’s a veritable festive smorgasbord of awesomeness, as can be seen in the Playmobil Advent Calendar range. What makes Playmobil advent calendars particularly […]

Win a Fab Personalised Cushion from Jonny’s Sister.


The winner of this competition, as chosen by from all eligible entries, is: Follow @swhittle and RT for a chance to win a customised alphabet cushion from @jonnyssister — Debbie (@_Johnsonbabies) October 16, 2014 Congratulations, Debbie! Personalised gifts are always appreciated in our family, and Flea was green with envy when this […]

Celebrate Family Mealtimes and win a Smart Camera with Birds Eye

Comp Visual

  I tend to think the way we gather around the table defines the sort of family we are. When I was young the table was noisy and crowded and there was always discussion – of books, of politics, of school and friends and days out and adventures planned. Our family was hectic and our […]