What Boyhood reminded me about Parenting


This weekend, we re-watched one of my favourite movies of the past year, Boyhood. In case you haven’t heard of it, Boyhood is a coming-of-age story with a difference – filmed over 12 years, it follows the same cast through the boyhood of the film’s central character, Mason. We follow Mason from being a six-year-old […]

Worst day ever?


Long-time readers will know that I have, let’s call them, “issues” with teeth. While some people have anxiety dreams about being naked and missing exams, I wake up in a cold sweat after dreaming all my teeth have fallen out. This, combined with a less than ideal dental experience in my early 20s (I had […]

Sartorial Panic Attack.


So rather wonderfully, someone has nominated me for the Debrett’s 500 – a list of the UK’s 500 most influential and inspiring people across a range of industries. Thanks, Mum. As with all these things, it’s nice to be nominated, and although the final list won’t be published for a few weeks yet, I’ve been […]

Well, this sucks.


It’s a little after 10am, and I’m sitting at my desk, sipping coffee and trying to pry toast crumbs from between the keys on my keyboard. I am not eating a mince pie, lounging on the sofa watching an 80s movie, or heading out for an adventure. And I’m not with Flea. Here’s the thing: […]

2014: Little Moments


For me, life is all about little moments. I’m not one of those people who thinks happiness is a destination – it’s a moment, a day, a feeling. One of my favourite things about blogging is the ability to capture those moments and turn back to them during times when life isn’t quite so much fun. […]

20 Movies from the 80s Your Kids will Love


You have a few important jobs as a parent. There’s feeding, clothing and protecting your child from physical harm, of course. And (very) close behind these things is ensuring you don’t allow your children to think that Beverly Hills Chihuahua represents what good cinema is all about. Over the past couple of months, Flea and […]

The Mean Reds and other Imagined Problems


Maybe it’s the changing seasons. The lack of light; short days, which start and end in darkness. Maybe it’s the fact we’ve not had a working bath or shower for four weeks, now. Maybe it’s because I can’t remember having had a proper, actual night out in months. Maybe it’s because I’m bickering with one […]

What’s on your Christmas wish list?


So, Flea sent off her letter to Father Christmas this morning. This year, the requests are (fortunately) more simple than the year she asked for a monkey, and to become a dog. I think Santa should be able to magic up a top hat and a scooter without too many worries. But what about my […]

Toys today are crap. Fact.


Flea’s been under the weather a bit this week, and took a day off school. Of course, like a million distracted awesome working parents before me, this meant I parked her in front of the TV for the day, while I got on with earning a crust. I took the odd break where I could […]

The Q&A Meme


The problem with being inherently ridiculous is that if someone asks on Facebook who wants to take part in a meme, you can’t help the reflex that makes you say ME-ME-ME-ME as a joke that nobody except you finds remotely amusing. And so it is that I’ve been tagged by the quite wonderful Jayne at […]