An Ode to Nine.


Nine’s such an unassuming number isn’t it. When it comes to kids, we expect huge leaps in development at one, two and three. Four and five are starting school. Learning to swim. Riding a bike. And everyone knows 11 is a big one – starting secondary school, embarking on puberty. Nine? Nine’s sort of in […]

Exciting Summer Plans


The sunshine is making the summer hols feel tantalisingly close, isn’t it? In our house, we’re on total summer countdown – Flea’s got just a few days of school left and then we’re FREE – eight and a bit weeks to do what we please, no enforced early mornings or racing between rounders practice and lifeguards […]

Like a tragic, older Ferris Bueller.


It’s basically undisputed fact that Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is The Greatest Movie ever made. Don’t agree? You might as well stop reading now. You and I? We have nothing to talk about. If you’re still here, though, you’ll remember the final 10 minutes or so of Ferris Bueller – where Ferris is racing to […]

The First 1,000 Days: What they don’t tell you.


Flea’s going to be turning ten years old in a few weeks. Ten! I’ve completely and utterly loved nine. I had a blast with eight and seven, and six and five. I adored four and three. One and two? I loved her. But I wasn’t a natural parent. From the moment I woke from the general anaesthetic […]

Getting Fit when you’re Fat


Pretty much exactly a year ago, I was given one of those lovely medicals the NHS has started giving people as they turn 40. Nothing BAD was found, thank goodness, but my GP did sternly tell me that my weight was likely to affect my health more as I got older, and a combination of poor […]

Fresh Air Fixes Everything


Yesterday was one of those days. You know the ones. Where you can’t do right for doing wrong. My ex-husband was annoyed with me. My ex-boyfriend was upset with me. Work plans and school plans and travel plans all collided, and I was left frantically trying to arrange puppy-sitters and rearrange meetings. Colleagues will tell you […]

Things I know about Co-Parenting


When I split from my husband, I remember a good friend telling me that divorce isn’t an event – it’s a process. She meant that it’s not something where you can draw a line in the sand and say you’re “done” with it. Because it’s something you do, over and over, separating two lives. And that’s […]

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

woman alone by lake

“So, what do you want to be when you grow up?” When you’re a kid you get asked that all the time, don’t you? For the record, currently Flea wants to be a marine biologist or an actor. When I was her age, I wanted to be a journalist. I loved to read, and I loved […]

Flea’s Harry Potter Bedroom Makeover


As you may know, Flea’s recently been away for a week on a school ski trip. While she was gone, I kept myself busy working on her bedroom. We moved into this house when Flea was two years old, and the yellow walls and Winnie the Pooh trim weren’t really doing it for an almost-ten-year-old. […]

Things you Think when your 9 year old is on a Ski Trip


I wonder what time it is? I wonder what time it is in Switzerland? They had a late night last night with that movie night the headmistress Tweeted a photo of. It’s so cute they were all on the floor with their duvets and pillows. Didn’t look very comfortable, mind. My feet would have been […]