The Games we Play


One of the very best things about being a parent is being given permission to act stupid. Obviously, I’m stupid on a daily basis in a thousand ways, but being a parent means you can be stupid in the most fun ways possible – making up games, inventing challenges, and generally being an idiot for […]

And now we are Nine…

Happy birthday Flea

My girl is turning nine. This means it’s almost exactly nine years since I looked over at her Dad and murmured, through a post-anaesthetic haze, “Why are you holding that baby?”  These have been the best nine years. They really have. For all the bits that were hard work, or scary, or stressful, there have been a million more moments […]

The End of Term Report


Term has already ended for Flea and we’re already a week into the supreme work/life balancing act that is the summer holidays in a single parent household. Truth be told, I don’t mind – I love summer. I love the freedom, I love that I can mostly work in the evenings and spend the days on […]

The Summer Go See Do List.


Summer is – without question – my favourite time of year. In about 10 days’ time Flea will be out of school for the summer and we’re free for nine weeks or so, to do as we please. I’m lucky my job allows lots of flexibility to take time off during the holidays, and if the […]

It’s not just me, right?


There are some things you never, EVER say as a parent. “What do you want for dinner?” (you almost certainly won’t have it in) “I just need to make a phone call” (are you MAD? That’s the signal for kids everywhere to need to speak to you immediately) “Why do you need a new skin […]

Little Lego Makers

lego house

A few weeks ago, I wrote about our frustration when we went out to buy some LEGO and couldn’t find a single box of LEGO that wasn’t themed. It’s not that we don’t love the licensed sets of LEGO – sometimes we do – but, inspired by the LEGO movie, Flea wanted to build her […]

Little Moments: 2013

flea christmas

The passing of another year always makes us reflect, I think. It’s natural to think about where we’ve been this year, what we’ve achieved, and where we want to go next. For me, it’s great because reflecting reminds me that, while bits of 2013 involved a lot of hard work and late nights, and the […]

Board Games for Kids at Christmas

Name 5

Earlier this month we were sent some board games by the people at Brainbox. Now, I have to say that Flea loves board games. One of the side-effects of keeping her screen free until she was five is that she developed a passion for board games, and I think it’s a really nice, low-key way […]

Five Great Beach Games for Winter

winter beach games

Regular readers of our blogs will know that Flea and I love the beach. Living in a Victorian town house has many charms – chronic damp, wonky walls and rotting floorboards for starters – but a large garden is most definitely not one of them. Perhaps that’s why the beach is our year-round playground. We […]

You Raise Me Up…


Thing about having kids is, there’s always someone around who’s totally got your back. It’s all about having someone who loves you, no matter what, and thinks you’re brilliant – even when you’re not. Take this conversation, between me and Flea, last night on the way home from school. Flea: Mummy, can I ask a […]