Dear Birthday Girl


Dear Flea, So you’re ten! Bloody hell. I’ve never had a ten year old before, but I have to say if they’re all like you, they’re pretty great. Thanks for being the world’s BEST travel buddy this summer. I can’t think of anyone else who can read a map, work my phone when I’m driving, and still […]

The Best Laid Plans


I had it all perfectly scheduled. Which is how I should have known, of course. The summer? Has already come undone. The plan was simple. Flea would finish school and spend 2 weeks with her Dad. Then she’d head off on a PGL adventure for four days with her friend, during which time I would book […]

Puberty. Another parenting triumph.


My baby is becoming less of a baby, by the day. When she goes back to school after the summer hols, it will be her last year of primary school. I remember being 10. My friend Cheryl suddenly grew boobs and all the girls seemed convinced they could grow them too, if ONLY they did the […]

You Know you’re a Modern Parent When…


It’s the first official day of the summer holidays. To celebrate, Flea and seven of her friends had a sleepover last night – not at my house, thank God. Apparently, there was riding down staircases in sleeping bags, racing down slides on scooters (“They had three wheels, it’s not like it was dangerous.”) and much […]

The Girlguiding Big Gig 2015

Girlguiding members 3

Regular readers will know that I’m a big supporter of scouting and guiding for young people. It’s a sad reality of life for many kids today that life is pretty limited in lots of ways – while our children have access to information and technology my generation couldn’t even dream of, many children today don’t […]

What’s the right age to wear make-up?

kids make-up

I spent this weekend with three amazing 9 and 10 year old girls, at the Capital FM Summertime Ball. It was really good fun – I danced and screamed a lot to Olly Murs and One Direction, and the girls danced in a cooler, more restrained fashion to Meghan Trainor and Lunchbox Lewis. Going to Wembley […]

A new member of the family


Flea has been asking for a dog since she was three. One of my fondest memories is this letter that she made me when she was in reception class. It was a letter all about how I am the BEST Mummy in the whole wide world, and how much she loves me.   When I asked […]

The One with That Call


So the call comes around 2pm. You know the call. The one you hope you never get. “Hi, it’s the school here. Flea has had a bit of an accident.” The teacher explains that somehow, during PE, Flea was hit in the head with a hockey ball, it’s quite a nasty bump, and the nurse has […]

Well, this sucks.


It’s a little after 10am, and I’m sitting at my desk, sipping coffee and trying to pry toast crumbs from between the keys on my keyboard. I am not eating a mince pie, lounging on the sofa watching an 80s movie, or heading out for an adventure. And I’m not with Flea. Here’s the thing: […]

The Evil Apprentice


Look at that face. Butter wouldn’t melt, right? You’d think this is the face of a sweet, innocent child. Friends, you could not be more wrong. This weekend, Flea and I headed off to London for some fun – we were invited to a Muppets screening and taste-along at The Electric Cinema with Now TV, […]