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Sally is a full-time blogger and founder of the HIBS100, Foodies100 and Tots100 - an online community of more than 15,000 UK bloggers. She is also a busy single Mum to Flea, the world's coolest eight year old.

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Review: The ASUS TP550LA (and tips on laptop safety for kids)

asus tp550la

As you would probably expect, we’re quite a tech-focused household. Having said that, even I’m surprised by the number of Internet-enabled devices we have in the house these days – four tablets, two PC laptops, one Mac laptop, three smartphones, an iPod, X-Box and a desktop machine.  I bet we’re not alone, either. We were […]

Summer Days Out: Go Ape Grizedale Forest

Created with Nokia Camera

One of our favourite places to head during the warmer weather is the Lake District, and so this weekend we took advantage of the sunny weather and headed up to Grizedale Forest. Grizedale sits between Hawkshead and Coniston, and about a 30 minute drive off Junction 36 of the M6. The forest park here is […]

Flea’s Harry Potter Bedroom Makeover


As you may know, Flea’s recently been away for a week on a school ski trip. While she was gone, I kept myself busy working on her bedroom. We moved into this house when Flea was two years old, and the yellow walls and Winnie the Pooh trim weren’t really doing it for an almost-ten-year-old. […]

Things you Think when your 9 year old is on a Ski Trip


I wonder what time it is? I wonder what time it is in Switzerland? They had a late night last night with that movie night the headmistress Tweeted a photo of. It’s so cute they were all on the floor with their duvets and pillows. Didn’t look very comfortable, mind. My feet would have been […]

In Need of a Project.


I’m writing this with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Not just because it’s Monday (although that never helps). But because Flea – my tiny, precious Flea – is currently in Switzerland on her first ever ski trip, with school. I’m trying not to hyperventilate just typing that sentence. I mean, do […]

The One Where we Buy a Shed.


As regular readers may know, we recently added a new member to the family – Teddy the puppy. Mostly, Teddy enjoys biting stuff. Toys, sure, but also skirting boards, passing feet, coats, her own lead… and bicycles. Flea and I noticed that Teddy had started chewing the tyres of our bikes, which were locked up […]

25 Reasons you don’t deserve Mother’s Day Gifts


Ah, Mother’s Day. That special day of the year when family and friends congratulate us on being selfless, loving creatures who would do anything for our precious offspring. Except when we’re lying through our teeth, obviously. Being a Mum is – I’m increasingly convinced – one long con-trick. If I’m not trying to convince Flea that I […]

What does it mean to be “like a girl”?


A week or so back, Flea and I were returning from a bike ride, when suddenly, the gears on Flea’s bike started slipping. She’d managed to turn the gears while her bike wasn’t moving, and they were protesting. I probably rolled my eyes, but it was no big deal, or so I thought. But Flea’s reaction […]

Win a Kobo eReader for your Book Confession


Generally, I’m quite an honest person. That’s not always a positive trait – I’m horribly tactless sometimes, and I embarrass myself on a regular basis because of my tendency to speak without thinking. But there’s one area where I can regularly be found lying my pants off. Books. Specifically – pretending to have read books when I’ve got no intention of doing so. Don’t […]