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Sally is a full-time blogger and founder of the HIBS100, Foodies100 and Tots100 - an online community of more than 15,000 UK bloggers. She is also a busy single Mum to Flea, the world's coolest eight year old.

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The Mean Reds and other Imagined Problems


Maybe it’s the changing seasons. The lack of light; short days, which start and end in darkness. Maybe it’s the fact we’ve not had a working bath or shower for four weeks, now. Maybe it’s because I can’t remember having had a proper, actual night out in months. Maybe it’s because I’m bickering with one […]

Win a Gigaset Tablet in time for Christmas!


An affordable family tablet is something of a holy grail among my friends – it’s tricky finding something that offers enough functionality to keep everyone in the house happy, AND which won’t break the bank (or break your heart if the kids drop it on a hard surface). This week, we’ve been trying out the new […]

What’s on your Christmas wish list?


So, Flea sent off her letter to Father Christmas this morning. This year, the requests are (fortunately) more simple than the year she asked for a monkey, and to become a dog. I think Santa should be able to magic up a top hat and a scooter without too many worries. But what about my […]

Review: Subaru XV Family 4×4


It’s fair to say I spend a lot of time in my car – the school run is an 18 mile round trip twice a day, and I regularly drive down to London and the surrounding areas for work meetings, not to mention visiting friends in our old home of Brighton. On that basis, I […]

Toys today are crap. Fact.


Flea’s been under the weather a bit this week, and took a day off school. Of course, like a million distracted awesome working parents before me, this meant I parked her in front of the TV for the day, while I got on with earning a crust. I took the odd break where I could […]

It’s so funny how we don’t talk any more…

morning coffee

Monday to Friday, my day follows a familiar routine. The alarm goes off optimistically at 7.45am. I hit snooze repeatedly until it’s 8.20am, at which point I call to Flea and tell her she has to get up. At 8.40am, I roll out of bed, pull on some clothes, and take Flea to school. On […]

The Q&A Meme


The problem with being inherently ridiculous is that if someone asks on Facebook who wants to take part in a meme, you can’t help the reflex that makes you say ME-ME-ME-ME as a joke that nobody except you finds remotely amusing. And so it is that I’ve been tagged by the quite wonderful Jayne at […]

Magical Autumn Moments. Or not.


I love autumn, don’t you? Crisp mornings, golden leaves, sunshine filtered through the trees…well, unless you live on my street. Then autumn is – frankly – a total pain. Let me explain. One side of my street has Victorian town houses. The other side is lined with trees and a small stream. Every autumn, the trees […]

Breaking News: Cure for common cold discovered.


Half term was basically a two week endurance test. After spending a couple of weeks attempting to fight off a cold with nasal sprays and vitamins and good thoughts, I succumbed. It wasn’t pretty. My temperature raged, and I struggled through sleepless nights as I hacked attractively and tried to concentrate on STRONG pelvic floor […]

Win a Playmobil Advent Calendar!


  UPDATED: Congratulations to hte lucky winner, @tillytilly2 on Twitter! Your advent calendar will be on its way very soon!    Christmas is awesome. And so is Playmobil. Put them together and it’s a veritable festive smorgasbord of awesomeness, as can be seen in the Playmobil Advent Calendar range. What makes Playmobil advent calendars particularly […]