Competition for Chocolate Lovers!

To celebrate the launch of the rather yummy new Cadbury’s Pebbles, the nice people at Cadbury’s gave me some chocolate.

I’d show it to you, with an attractive photo, but we ate them. Here’s one I managed to snap on my phone, right before my niece snarfed the last few.

cadbury pebbles

Sorry about that.

So the nice people at Cadbury’s gave me some more chocolate, plus a family ticket to visit Cadbury World for two adults and two children, worth £45.

Cadbury World is the perfect place to get an insight into how Cadbury’s is made, and try out lots of gorgeous chocolate for yourself. The attraction is in Bourneville, near Birmingham.

And I’m giving the ticket away to one of my readers. Hurrah!

All you have to do for this dead simple competition is comment below telling me which Cadbury chocolate bar is your favourite and why. Use the Rafflecopter widget to confirm you’ve commented – there are bonus entries available, too.

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  • The competition will run from NOW until 11.59pm on November 8, 2013.
  • Open to UK residents aged 18 and over.
  • Prize is non-transferable, no cash alternative.
  • Winner will be selected at random from all correct entries received by the closing date.
  • Winner will be notified by email, and their name will be published on this post after selection.
  • Promoter is PHD Network,The telephone exchange, 5 north crescent, London WC1E 7PH, UK


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  1. samantha says

    Im a good old fashioned girl.. so for me it has to be the orinal dairy milk.. first one is always the best one.
    My kids cant get enough of the fruit and nuts.. thats because they are fruity and nutty!!!

  2. sian hallewell says

    Its a crunchie for me- who else remembers the adverts – thank Crunchie its Friday – great advertising, still works for me. Deicious golden crunchiness, wrapped in yummy chocolate goodness.

  3. Caroline Williams says

    I love Dairy Milk, it can last ages if you let it slowly melt in your mouth, Yummy!! (Plus it comes in huge bars too hehe ;-) )

  4. HELEN BOOTH says

    Just a good old fashioned bar of Dairy Milk. And its GOT to be from the fridge, cold and so hard it could knock a tooth out!

  5. kim says

    my favourite has been crunchie since i was very young, nothing beats honeycomb wrapped in cadburys cholate

  6. Michaela Turner says

    Twirls are my favourite Cadburys chocolate bar because they compliment my cup of tea perfectly!

  7. michelle muirhead says

    I love Cadbury Dairy milk Caramel, my oh my, one bite and all that lovely gooey caramel oozing, scrummy

  8. Claire Redmond says

    Cadburys Creme eggs…with not being able to get them all year round it makes it extra special when they hit the shelves!

  9. NICOLA TERRY says

    Im a huge fan of Cadbury, how can i choose just 1?? If i had to choose though i would go for a Double Decker as i love the nougarty bit. I would recommend the new marvellous creations bars though as they are very moreish :)

  10. Zoe Roxby says

    Cadbury Jelly Popping Candy Chocolate Marvellous Sensation bar because when I was a kid I loved popping candy, chocolate and jelly beans and there is only Cadbury who has made all my fave sweets mixed into one bar I love it @ZoeRoxby

  11. Louise Smith says

    Crunchie is my favourite because I love milk chocolate and honeycomb so I get the best of both worlds!

  12. laura banks says

    dairy milk always reminds me of xmas and wanting one of the little machines that had miniatures in it

  13. Jayne P says

    Love Dairy Milk. I’ve never found another milk chocolate which is so silky smooth. Of course I won’t turn down variants like Twirl & Spira (until they discontinued them!)

  14. Clare Scanlan says

    Cadbury’s Dairy Milk – tastes great and comes in different sizes, however bad the day has been there is a bar for it!

  15. Sandra martin says

    I love cadburys, dairy milk, whole nut, fredos, buttons, fruit and nut. Cadburys is the best chocolate ever, i am a bit of a cadburys chocoholic!!! :)

  16. Alex Boon says

    I really liked the dairy milk shortcake biscuit bars. They did them a few years back and I used to get through them like I dunno what. Wish they would bring them back! Cadburys chocolate with shortbread mmmm.

  17. valerie mccarthy says

    Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut- I love the taste of nuts and fruit together. The chocolate is absolutely delicious with an added treat. Great with a cup of lovely hot coffee to go with it. :)

  18. Karen R says

    I love the Marvellous creations popping candy – I just love all the different textures and flavours and the popping and the chewing and the melting, mmm :)

  19. Rachel Craig says

    Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate bar. As it melts in the mouth and tastes deliciously creamy.

  20. james darrington says

    Got to love them twirls, can’t get enough of them. They’re liked well twirled flake bars, hungry now:D

  21. natalee gosiewski says

    chocolate buttons they were my 1st choc as a kid they are small enough just to put in your mouth and slowly melt mmmmmmmmmmm

  22. Debbie skinner says

    Cadburys fruit and nut as it’s got one of your five a day! (Fruit)xxxxx well that’s my excuse!!!!

  23. Vicky Edwards says

    I love the new Oreo Dairy Milk chocolate bar its genius to put two foods I love together and my boy loves it!

  24. louise pearson says

    Mini eggs as I love the shells and also love the wait for them to appear in the shops and I get all excited when I find them….

  25. alison clark says

    Min is a crunchie – i always used to choose it at the vending machine in the local swimming pool after my lesson many years ago

  26. Elizabeth yeates says

    cadbury’s caramel because it reminds me of being a little girl. I used to love the paper wrapper!

  27. Sharon Weaden says

    I love the new marvellous creations because I like the one with the jelly beans and popping candy, great combination.

  28. Victoria B says

    Flake – the adverts, the way when you think you’ve finished you’ve still got some at the bottom of the wrapper.

  29. sarah palmer says

    I love the original dairy milk chocolate bar sounds sick but I love dunking it in my tea and licking off the melted chocolate lol :)

  30. sarah louise gray says

    I love Cadbury Dairy Milk – any variety – especially the new ones with popping candy etc.. yum! not so great for the diet – but lets not worry ourselves about that just now! x

  31. Alison Johnson says

    I love basic Dairy Milk, but as long as the chocolate is ‘pure’ such as buttons, etc then I’m OK.

  32. Gemma Chantler says

    Me and my little girl both love cadbury’s milk chocolate buttons, little drops of heaven!!

  33. Linda Bird says

    Buttons because they are light and one Button can last a while as I let it slowly melt in my mouth getting the full flavour of Cadbury Chocolate.

  34. Tiffany Oconnell says

    I love Wispa’s I actually think i am slightly addicted to them! I can’t get enough of them hmmmm.
    When i was pregnant my husband went out and bought me a whole box of them from the local shop. He definitely scored some brownie points that day!

  35. Michelle Rutter Hughes says

    I love dairy milk they are just timeless and nothing beats them. My children love the chocolate buttons thankyou for this fab giveaway x

  36. Michelle Weston says

    Marvellous creations the one with the jelly beans – love it as it is so different to have the chewy jellybeans with in the smooth chocolate

  37. Emma Hart says

    My favourite Cadbury bar is a Double Decker, because I love the mixture of chewy and crunchy with chocolate!

  38. jodie harvey says

    cadbury fruit and nut, im currently 34 weeks pregnant and its a majorrrrr craving, think im going to be having a little nut in 6weeks ;)

  39. Rebecca Kingston says

    Cadburys Fruit and nut… Love it as just tastes so good, and can try to convince myself that I am sort of eating healthy.. after all it has raisins right?

  40. Wendy Guy says

    I love cadburys Twirl because it has the delicious taste and flakiness of a flake but without losing some of the crumbly chocolate as you bite into it.

  41. faye huntington says

    whole nut because it s just the right amount of smooth and crunchy – all whilst being deeelicious! with love, faye xx