You Know You’re Old When…

  • Your child hears the YMCA skit in the new Despicable Me movie and shouts out “Mummy! It’s” because she has NO IDEA it’s actually a song.
  • You watch your child stare at a can of Coke with a removable ring-pull for several minutes before giving up and handing it to you, saying, “I don’t know how to do these old-fashioned ones.” 
  • You wish they’d stop inventing new phones long enough for you to learn to actually use the one you already own.
  • You explain to your child that Roald Dahl was your age when you were a child and they reply, “Oh, does that mean he was a Victorian?” 
  • You read a thread about teenage slang and realise you can’t get away with using a single one of the examples without looking ridiculous.
  • Your child sings a song about Marylin Monroe. Ten minutes later she says, “Who’s Mary Money-Row?” 
  • You get into a 20 minute argument over the existence of black and white television. You resort to using YouTube to win the argument.
  • You respond to 50% of your child’s questions about how this or that technology works with an answer that involves the words “magic” and “pixies”.
  • The idea that you are older than Disneyland Paris prompts a “SERIOUSLY?” so incredulous that it’s borderline insulting.
  • Your child no longer wants a nap, but you’d KILL for one.



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  1. Purplemum says

    Your children find a cassette tape in your memories box and don’t know what it is!

  2. says

    A 12yo friend of ours was fiddling with the old toy dial telephone on wheels with a chord to pull it with. She examines the dial and then asks, “Did these actually work? How?”

    The other thing I noticed is that DD, who can’t read yet, tells me what to click on to get to You Tube clips she wants to watch. I’ve never shown her how it works. I thought maybe it was built-in to brains born this side of 2000. Then I saw a computer at kindergarten that they can choose to sit round in groups and they learn from each other. We had one doll that said ‘Mama’ when I was at K and all the girls fought over it.
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  3. Nikki says

    We added, “we’re older than the internet” and the kids were like “Woah….” Scary.

  4. Anna Ellam says

    I remember my mum taking me to see Carmen (the opera) when I was about 10 (silly idea!) She was mortified when I recognised one of the pieces of music as the peanut butter advert. Never took me to an opera again (thank goodness)

  5. TheBoyandMe says

    The Boy has gone from having a nap most days to barely having one or two a week, all in the past five weeks; I could sob! We also played a game earlier featuring a drawn picture of a flip mobile phone and he didn’t know what it was.