Skipping the Jubilee Jubilation.

Everywhere I look online this week, it’s Jubilee baking, Jubilee bunting, Jubilee parties and picnics. And don’t forget the bunting. Everywhere I turn things are festooned with the stuff.

Oh yes, string a bit of fabric between two lamp-posts and it’s as though the recession never happened.

Yes, I’m a bona-fide jubilee cynic. The only one in the entire country, it feels like. Not because I disapprove of any festivities involving cake, but because I’m not really a fan of royalty, as a rule. To be honest, I find it more interesting to wonder why a modern democracy requires a throne than to consider how long someone’s been sitting on it.

So you’ll excuse me if I dip out of the jubilee baking, and the jubilee crafting and the decorations and the street parties. Instead, we’ll be heading off to the South of France courtesy of Thomson Al Fresco, who have asked us to review one of their holiday parcs, the Sylvemar. No bunting required. But I have a stack of books on Kindle, I’ve downloaded some TV programmes I’ve been waiting to watch on the iPad and I’m hoping to really get a few days’ relaxation.

le sylvemar

The parc looks great – it’s set in woodland, with an indoor and outdoor pool with plenty of slides to keep Flea entertained, and a beach just 15 minutes’ walk away. There’s also a children’s club, which Flea can make use of while I check out the on-site spa. Well, you know, you have to explore these things fully to write a fair review, of course…

So we hope you all have a wonderful Jubilee, with lots of bunting, and we’ll be back soon. Now, if I can just figure out a way to miss that Olympics nonsense, too…


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    • says

      Well, fair point. I object to the Olympics on financial grounds, we can’t afford to host it and the politicians knew that full well at the time, but it was considered bidding (with no expectation of winning) would be a good morale boost after invading Iraq. And now everything is costing 10 times more than projected when the country is already broke, the IOC is being given LUDICROUS powers over UK citizens and businesses, and I just don’t see it as a good thing for anyone.

      But, you know, there’s always the Lycra 😉

  1. Nikki says

    Aww. Sorry Sally but going to go against the grain on this one and say that even if you disagree with the prinicple, why deny Flea the opportunity to learn a bit about and participate in our country’s history? Bah humbug to you!

    PS My bunting is flying, paper chains made with the kids and we’re off celebrating in street parties with neighbours, friends and family this weekend. Bet that annoys you :-)))

    • says

      Flea learns plenty about it at school and I prefer personally not to indoctrinate my child with the (imho) fairy tale that some people are born with a divine right to rule over others. Let alone that such a notion is something we should be celebrating.

      Humbugs galore!

      • Nikki says

        Totally agree with the ruling thing as a “rule”, but there’s very little one can actually do about it and hey, it’s something that probably generates a shed load of tourism for our country and keeps thousands of people in work.

        Let’s face it, the monarchy has very little influence nowadays apart from the fashion, scandal and fashion faux pas pages of the papers. Might as well be a useful revenue generator!

        • says

          Thanks, I think we’ll have to agree to differ on the net value of a Royal Family. I just can’t help thinking, there are operations not going ahead this summer because of the money being spent on this, and the Olympics. And I can’t make myself think that’s a good trade.

      • Nikki says

        Will have a read. Totally agree about the cost off the whole charade, but since we do have it, we might as well milk it, and the athletes deserve our support.

        We’re off to the rowing finals since it’s so close to us and Katherine Grainger attended an event for me for charity and then came to my two’s school as a favour. It’s so inspiring to the children to see, met and understand the value of having a dream and working hard to fufil it. We’ll be the mad ones dressed for the occasion cheering her on for the gold. I think it will be a great experience for the kids.

        I do hope, like many people, that the stadiums and facilities built will be used by the generations to come – if their funding continues…

  2. says

    Whilst I’m not an overt Royalist I am very fond of the Queen. I was 6 when it was her silver jubilee, and our local village celebrations for that are some of my earliest memories. I love the way the community comes together for events like this. So yes, we have bunting up on our house, and I will be taking part in the local festivities.

    You do make a valid point as to whether we can afford it or not, but sitting on the sidelines saying “bah humbug” is not going to change anything at this point in the proceedings, so I’m going to just make the most of it.

    Hope you have a lovely holiday – I’m sure France will be the perfect place to escape from it all :)
    geekmummy recently posted..A once in a lifetime experienceMy Profile

    • says

      I’m not anticipating that my cynicism changes anything – by definition, the Royal Family doesn’t have to give a toss what you or I think – but I just don’t want to celebrate it. Hope you all have a fab time though :)

  3. Vic says

    I’m staying indoors for the next four days – unless there’s room in your suitcase for Li’l old me.
    As for the olympics, I’m seriously considering a six week holiday in a remote part of Scotland….

  4. Dan Thornton says

    Personally I’m not fussed about the Jubilee – the monarchy makes fairly little difference to my life, but then again, if something actually encourages some communities to actually get out and hang out with their neighbours and get to know them a bit, it’s not a bad thing.

    Personally I’m relaxing with some work and watching the Isle of Man TT, which is also happening this weekend.

  5. says

    Well, I really surprised myself as I didn’t think I would be bothered, and in the end I was welling up every time I saw a house or tree or phone box festooned with bunting – I’m sure there is something wrong with me!


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