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Make Friends, Break Friends.

I've always found it pretty easy to make friends. Obviously, this is surprising given my fundamental misanthropy and lack of ability to make anything resembling small talk. Still, the job I do means I meet new people regularly, and it turns out … Read More...


Summer in Pictures

I've got a sneaky confession. I'm not one of those parents that secretly breathes a sigh of relief when September comes around. I love summer. I love long days that we can fill with our own adventures, finding new places, trying new … Read More...


The Games we Play

One of the very best things about being a parent is being given permission to act stupid. Obviously, I'm stupid on a daily basis in a thousand ways, but being a parent means you can be stupid in the most fun ways possible - making up games, … Read More...

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Dear School, I hate you. Love, Me.

I've been full of good intentions this week. After a month of borderline neglect of my child due to Big Work Stuff happening, I have dedicated myself to the art of of better parenting. I've cooked dinner more often than I've ordered it in, and … Read More...


We’re gonna need another supermarket.

I had to stop shopping at our local supermarket when Flea earnestly told one of the check-out staff that “My Mummy says if you don’t have any clean clothes you can just take something out of the laundry basket.” There was also a teeny, tiny, … Read More...

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Things to do in Mauritius when you’re Eight

What springs to mind when you imagine an all-inclusive holiday? Endless, international buffet food? Packed resorts full of holiday makers taking part in enforced jollity? Bland hotels? Let's face it, many of us have the same preconceptions … Read More...


What we did this Half Term

This year, we're very excited to be working with First Choice as Out of Office bloggers, which means we'll be reviewing a bunch of holiday destinations during 2014, and sharing them with you all on our blog. I know. It's a tough life, some days, … Read More...

Go Ape Grizedale

Go Ape Junior at Grizedale – Review

If you're looking for somewhere fun to go with the kids during the summer hols, then you might want to consider Go Ape at Grizedale, in the Lake District. We've been aware of Go Ape for a fair few years - every time we're in one of those places … Read More...


anki drive

Review: Anki Drive

I bet, like many parents, I remember playing with remote control cars and race tracks as a kid. Perhaps that's why I was so excited when a big box arrived at our house this week containing the brand new Anki Drive toy, which launches in the UK … Read More...

Skoda Yeti Review

Review: Skoda Yeti

Like many people, I guess I've always had preconceptions about Skoda, while also reading enough to know that today's Skoda's are a world away from the vehicles I remember from my younger years. So I was really excited to finally get my hands on a … Read More...


Can you spend less on petrol?

  There are some things I don't mind spending money on. Decorators and builders always seem like money well spent, for example. It would take me more time than them, to do a worse job, and the money I wouldn't earn outweighs what they … Read More...


the break up

Dear Sky, it’s not me, it’s you.

Dear Sky, We've been in a relationship now for 10 years. I give you money, you give me TV. But lately, I've just not felt as satisfied as I once did. Maybe we got too comfortable with one another? I used to feel like we spent such a lot of … Read More...

swimming pool

The Changing Room Conundrum

Flea loves to swim. Loves it. So every week, she has swimming lessons at our local YMCA pool, and has done for quite some years. It's fun, but chaotic. The YMCA in our town is one of the best places to get lessons - so it's always busy. … Read More...