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The One Where we Buy a Shed.

As regular readers may know, we recently added a new member to the family - Teddy the puppy. Mostly, Teddy enjoys biting stuff. Toys, sure, but also skirting boards, passing feet, coats, her own lead... and bicycles. Flea and I noticed that … Read More...

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Things I’ve Learned About Blogging

So it turns out my blog is five years old this month. I know! Five years ago I was blogging about tiny Flea and how we muddled through every day, and I'm still here doing the same thing, except Flea keeps getting less and less tiny. I'm not … Read More...

20 tips for blog outreach

Tips for PRs Working with Bloggers

Blogger outreach and social media is my job. I'd like to pretend it's all very clever and complicated, but 90% of what I do is just common sense - it's introducing companies with something to say to people who might like to talk about that thing … Read More...

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Thomson Dream Pride of Panama

The sun was setting low, over the city walls of the Colombian City of Cartagena. A warm glow lit up my cocktail glass, and there was a hum of conversation over the Ibiza-style house music being played by the DJ. I’ll be honest – it’s not what I … Read More...



10 Stupid Things Dog Owners Do.

It's 7am. It's 7am, and I'm standing outside in my Batman jammies (don't judge) and a hoodie, with my arms stuck out to the sides, forming a human umbrella over the dog. What has my life come to? I mean, it made sense at the time. The puppy … Read More...


Now TV Review for Simpletons (like us)

Here at the Whittle household we are big fans of TV. Big. Huge. Seriously, I think I might give up food before I gave up TV box sets. I've written before about 40 Box Sets to See Before You're 40, and I also have a deep, abiding love for 80s … Read More...


Review: Peugeot 5008

Just before Christmas, the rather nice people at Peugeot got in touch and asked if we'd like to try out the Peugeot 5008 compact MPV. As it happened, I was planning a day trip to the Warner Bros Studio Tour with Flea and two of her friends, and I … Read More...



Counting the Cost of Christmas

Social media is always entertaining at this time of year. It's wall to wall elaborate bakes and crafts and spooky-faced elves and "toddler style" - all set against a perfectly-lit, stylishly decorated home. Of course. Because everyone knows … Read More...


Why not shop local for Cyber Monday?

So apparently today is Cyber Monday - the day when we're all going to be very enthusiastically shopping online. According to the BBC website, we'll be spending cash at a rate of £450,000 a minute today - 26% more than last year. For me, though, … Read More...