Things to do at Legoland Windsor when you’re Eight

legoland windsor

Legoland Windsor is our favourite theme park in the UK these days. Flea has outgrown the "little kid" areas in other theme parks but isn't yet quite tall enough for the rollercoasters at the major theme parks. Legoland sits nicely somewhere in the middle - at eight, she's big enough to go on everything, without an adult, and there is a great combination of rides and attractions. This Easter, we were invited to Legoland for the day to check out the all-new Pirate Shores area, so I took … [Continue reading]

Life Moves Pretty Fast


I remember watching a documentary about childhood where a Dad said that raising kids is just one long goodbye. Every day is a day you're never going to see again. Every moment you look at your child, and see those long lashes resting on rounded … [Continue reading]

Wearable Cameras: GoPro or Panasonic HX-A100?


So, one of the nice things about being a blogger and a former tech journalist is that people periodically sent you new bits of kit to try out. In recent weeks, we've tried a fair few new devices and I thought I'd select two cameras to review this … [Continue reading]

How can your child humiliate you? Let me count the ways…


The nice thing about blogging - as my friend Jen likes to tell me - is that no humiliation is wasted. It's all blog fodder. This of course explains why I have shared stories such as The Worst Smear Test Ever, and (an old favourite) The Time Flea … [Continue reading]

Review: the Nissan Note

nissan note review

For a small family, we're surprisingly demanding of our cars. For Flea, there has to be small space for the car to effectively become a secondary wardrobe and secondary toy storage - for all the items that make it into the car on the way to school … [Continue reading]

Mr Tickle Arrives on the iPad


One of the things that’s lovely about parenting a child who is mad about books is sharing your own childhood favourites with your lovely child. When Flea showed early signs that she was going to follow in her parents’ footsteps and be a book … [Continue reading]

It’s not just me, right?


There are some things you never, EVER say as a parent. "What do you want for dinner?" (you almost certainly won't have it in) "I just need to make a phone call" (are you MAD? That's the signal for kids everywhere to need to speak to you … [Continue reading]

The Worrier.

pic: shutterstock

Once a month, two cleaners arrive at my house and clean it, top to bottom. It's my favourite day of the month. My cleaners like my house, too. They say things like, "Sometimes you can't tell children live in a house. But we never feel like that … [Continue reading]

Little Lego Makers

lego house

A few weeks ago, I wrote about our frustration when we went out to buy some LEGO and couldn't find a single box of LEGO that wasn't themed. It's not that we don't love the licensed sets of LEGO - sometimes we do - but, inspired by the LEGO movie, … [Continue reading]

5 Things not to do at a Smear Test


I'm a big believer in the old cervical smear. Not as in: "I believe they exist, not like unicorns and friendly sales assistants in WH Smith, both of which are clearly mythical creatures."  More as in: "They are a good and important … [Continue reading]