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A Break at Champneys Springs

I wrote a week or two back about how desperate I've been for a bit of a break from ... well, from other people, basically. I'm nothing if not misanthropic. Luckily, I had been invited to review a One4All voucher, and after a bit of dithering, I … Read More...


The Best Laid Plans

I had it all perfectly scheduled. Which is how I should have known, of course. The summer? Has already come undone. The plan was simple. Flea would finish school and spend 2 weeks with her Dad. Then she'd head off on a PGL adventure for four … Read More...


Puberty. Another parenting triumph.

My baby is becoming less of a baby, by the day. When she goes back to school after the summer hols, it will be her last year of primary school. I remember being 10. My friend Cheryl suddenly grew boobs and all the girls seemed convinced they … Read More...


How to write a Great Travel Review

As part of my day job, I am sometimes asked to work with travel brands – selecting bloggers to attend events, review holidays and travel to overseas destinations. As a blogger myself, I’m also regularly invited to review holidays and destinations, to … Read More...

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Flea’s Harry Potter Bedroom Makeover

As you may know, Flea's recently been away for a week on a school ski trip. While she was gone, I kept myself busy working on her bedroom. We moved into this house when Flea was two years old, and the yellow walls and Winnie the Pooh trim weren't … Read More...


Things I’ve Learned About Blogging

So it turns out my blog is five years old this month. I know! Five years ago I was blogging about tiny Flea and how we muddled through every day, and I'm still here doing the same thing, except Flea keeps getting less and less tiny. I'm not … Read More...

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A Weekend at Puy du Fou, France

It isn't every day you find yourself watching a woman get tied to a pole and surrounded by lions. And it's probably a teeny bit unusual to find yourself watching a Viking longboat rise out of a lake, complete with Vikings on board, while watching a … Read More...


A Weekend in Pollensa, Mallorca

Sometimes, I think humans are a bit like solar panels. Without enough sun, it's easy to feel drained and fed up - and in the North of England, suffice to say, summer can be a long time coming. This half-term, we were invited to top-up our sunshine … Read More...


Breville Warburtons Toaster REview

The League of Toaster Crimes

It goes (almost) without saying that there are some big problems facing the world in 2015. But one of the biggest is surely how to make the perfect toast for breakfast. A quick survey of my family reveals our top three toaster … Read More...


10 Stupid Things Dog Owners Do.

It's 7am. It's 7am, and I'm standing outside in my Batman jammies (don't judge) and a hoodie, with my arms stuck out to the sides, forming a human umbrella over the dog. What has my life come to? I mean, it made sense at the time. The puppy … Read More...


discrimination against dads

Why are we so scared of men?

So, I'm going to let you into a bit of a secret: I like men. I point this out because some people think you can't be divorced and a feminist and like men. Some people are stupid, what can I say? Anyway, I do like men. I date men. A lot of my … Read More...


The World According to Taylor Swift

It's been a challenging few weeks for our little family. Flea's been having some struggles in her relationship with her Dad - just the usual growing up stuff, but it's a little more complicated, I think, when you're not living in the same house as … Read More...

next clothing

Why are clothing sizes so stupid?

I bought a new top from Next recently - it was an impulse purchase, one of those, "It's a blogging event tomorrow, I have nothing clean, this looks okay."  It was a nice top - green, plain, detailing on the sleeves. So nice, in fact, I decided … Read More...